The Adventures of Don Quick (1970)

UK, 30 October-4 December 1970
1 series, 6 episodes, average 50m each
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction comedy television series created by Peter Wildeblood.


Don Quick is a cosmic repairman, a member of the Intergalactic Maintenance Squad. But his lowly position isn’t enough to occupy the mind of our imaginative hero and he sets about interfering with every culture he encounters, imagining himself a champion of the people and a righter of wrongs – that most of those wrongs exist only in his mind means nothing to him.

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The Benefits of Earth (30 October 1970)
People Isn’t Everything (6 November 1970)
The Higher the Fewer (13 November 1970)
The Love Reflector (20 November 1970)
The Quick and the Dead (27 November 1970)
Paradise Destruct (4 December 1970)


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