The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)

USA, 1941
12 part serial
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy serial directed by William Witney and John English.

Plot Summary

When he says the magic word “Shazam!” teenager Billy Batson transforms into costumed superhero Captain Marvel.


Directed by: William Witney, John English
© MCMXLI [1941] by Republic Pictures Corporation
Republic Pictures presents
Associate Producer: Hiram S. Brown Jr
Production Manager: Al Wilson
Original Screen Play: Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hall, Arch B. Heath, Joseph Poland, Sol Shor
Musical Score: Cy Feuer
RCA Sound System
Photography: William Nobles
Film Editors: Edward Todd, William Thompson
Unit Manager: Mack D’Agostino

Tom Tyler as Captain Marvel
Frank Coghlan Jr as Billy Batson
William Benedict as Whitey [Murphy]
Louise Currie as Betty Wallace
The Scorpion [real name: Gerald Mohr]
Robert Strange as John Malcolm
Harry Worth as Prof. [Luther] Bentley
Bryant Washburn as Henry Carlyle
John Davidson as Tal Chotali
George Pembroke as Dr Stephen Lang
Peter George Lynn as Dwight Fisher
Reed Hadley [Rahman Bar]
Jack Mulhall [James Howell]
Kenneth Duncan [Barnett]
Nigel De Brulier [Shazam]
John Bagni [Cowan]
Carleton Young [Martin]
Leland Hodgson [Major Rawley]
Stanley Price [Owens/driver]
Ernest Sarracino [Akbar]
Tetsu Komai [Chan Lai]

Alternative Titles

Aventuras del capitán Maravillas – Spain
As Aventuras do Capitão Marvel – Brazil
Le Capitaine Marvel – Belgium (French)
Capitán Maravilla – Mexico
Capitán Maravilla, el poderoso – Argentina, Chile
Capitan Maravilla, el poderoso – Chile (re-release)
O Invencível Capitão Marvel – Portugal
Kapitein Marvel – Belgium (Flemish)
Kaptajn Marvels bedrifter 1. del – Denmark
Kaptajn Marvels bedrifter 2. del – Denmark
O optamenos magos – Greece
Pustolovine Kapetana Marvela – Serbia
Return of Captain Marvel – re-release title
Åžazem Uçan Adam – Turkey

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