The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

UK, West Germany, Italy,
35mm film, 70mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
Dolby SR 70mm 6-Track (70mm prints), English

A British/German/Italian fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam.

Plot Summary

spins a fantastic story of how he, a group of unlikely associates and a young girl get caught up in the defence of a town from the Turkish army. He claims to have been swallowed by a giant sea-monster, taken a trip to where he meets the lunar ruler, danced with Venus and had a narrow escape from the Grim Reaper. But how reliable is the Baron's account – just how much of it is true and how much is fantasy?


* = uncredited

Director: Terry Gilliam
© 1987 Columbia Pictures
A Prominent Features & Laura-Film production. A Terry Gilliam film. A Columbia Pictures release and presentation
Executive Producers: Jake Eberts, Alyssa Cartegena *
Supervising Producer: Stratton Leopold
Producer: Thomas Schühly
Co-producers: Ray Cooper, Ilya Salkind *
Line Producer: David Tomblin
Script: Terry Gilliam, Charles McKeown
Stories: Erich Raspe
Director of Photography: Giuseppe Rotunno
Editor: Peter Hollywood
Music: Michael Kamen
Sound: Frank Jahn
Costume Designer: Gabriella Pescucci
Make Up Supervisor: Fabrizio Sforza *
Make Up Designer: Maggie Weston
Hair Supervisor (Italy): Iole Cecchini
Special Effects Supervisor: Richard Conway
Visual Effects Supervisors: Adriano Pischiutta, Antonio Parra, Brian Mann, Kent Houston, Richard Conway
Visual Effects: Peerless Camera Co Ltd
Animatronics Model Designers: Ian Whittaker, Jamie Courtier, Stephen Onions
Production Designer: Dante Ferretti

John Neville (Baron Munchausen)
Sarah Polley (Sally Salt)
Jonathan Pryce (Horatio Jackson)
Oliver Reed (Vulcan)
Winston Dennis (Albrecht/Bill)
Eric Idle (Berthold/Desmond)
Charles McKeown (Adolphus/Rupert)
Jack Purvis (Gustavus/Jeremy)
Uma Thurman (Venus/Rose)
Ray D. Tutto [real name: Robin Williams] (King of the Moon)
Valentina Cortese (Queen Ariadne/Violet)
Bill Paterson (Henry Salt)
Peter Jeffrey (the sultan)
Sting (heroic officer)
Alison Steadman (Daisy)
Ray Cooper (functionary)
Don Henderson (commander)
Andrew MacLachlan (colonel)
Mohamed Badrsalem (executioner)
Kiran Shah (executioners assistant)
Ettore Martini (1st general)
José Lifante (Dr )
Franco Adducci (treasurer)
Antonio Pistillo (2nd general)
Michael Polley, Tony Smart (gunners)
Terry Gilliam [irritating singer – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Die Abenteuer des Baron von Münchhausen – German title
Las aventuras del barón Munchausen – Spanish title
Les Aventures du baron de Munchausen – French title
Le avventure del Barone di Munchausen – Italian title
Baron Münchhausens äventyr – Swedish title
Münchausen báró kalandjai – Hungarian title
Paroni von Münchhausenin seikkailut – Finnish title
Przygody barona Munchausena – Polish title


Cinefex no.54 (May 1993) pp.93-94
[A] beautiful example of how inventive art direction can help create an intriguing fantasy world. Gilliam's script and the design of his film are filled with classic images from both art and mythology that expand the original Munchausen story and allow the director to create an environment as strong as the characters and the folklore. In a rather strange commingling of and German epic fantasy, Munchausen evolved into a fairy tale of impressive proportions and daunting logistics. – from an illustrated review (Laserdisc revolution: Tall tales and epic lore) by David C. Fein

Empire no.127 (January 2000) p.148 (UK)
Terry Gilliam's splendid grand folly looks spectacular in this widescreen format, the film's outrageous baroque imagery captured in all its glory. […] It's a noisy, sometimes uneven movie, but as rich in imagination and ambition as anything Gilliam's ever done. – from an illustrated video review by BM [Bob McCabe]



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