The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother (1975)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American/British fantasy film directed by Gene Wilder.

Plot Summary

While gets all the glory and public adulation, his smarter brother Sigi is becoming increasing frustrated at his lack of recognition and at having to live in the shadow of his more famous brother. When Sherlock goes abroad, Sigi gets his big break – Sherlock assigns him to a case and it's now up to Sigi to prove himself once and for all.


Directed by: Gene Wilder
© MCMLXXV [1975] Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Twentieth Century-Fox presents a Richard A. Roth-Joeur production. Made by Twentieth Century-Fox Productions Limited. Released by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Produced by: Richard A. Roth
Associate Producer: Charles Orme
Written by: Gene Wilder
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Film Editor: Jim Clark
Music by: John Morris
Sound Recordist: Simon Kaye
Costume Designer: Ruth Myers
Chief Make-Up: Stuart Freeborn
Hairdresser: Bobbie Smith
Special Effects: George Whybrow
Production Designed by: Terence Marsh
Made at: Shepperton Studio Centre, England

Gene Wilder (Sigerson Holmes)
Madeline Kahn (Jenny Hill)
Marty Feldman (Orville Sacker)
Dom De Luise ([Eduardo] Gambetti)
Leo McKern (Moriarty)
Roy Kinnear (Moriarty's assistant)
John Le Mesurier (Lord Redcliff)
Douglas Wilmer (Sherlock Holmes)
Thorley Walters (Dr Watson)
George Silver (Bruner)
Nicholas Smith (Hunkston)
John Hollis (Moriarty's gunman)
Aubrey Morris (coach driver)
Tommy Godfrey (Fred)
Susan Field (Queen Victoria)
Joseph Behrmannis (Russian)
Wolfe Morris (Frenchman)
Julian Orchard (man in tails)
Kenneth Benda (butler)
Michael Crane (Renato)

Alternative Titles

Il fratello più furbo di Sherlock Holmes – Italy
Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother – advertising title



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