The Adventure Game (1980-1986)

UK, 24 May -18 February 1986
4 episodes, 22 episodes, average 25m
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television game show.


On the far side of the galaxy lies the planet Arg where the inhabitants, a race of intelligent dragons who can change their shape to look more human, the Argonds, indulge in playful tests of human visitors. Teams of Earth celebrities are put through their paces watched over by the Argond leader, the Rangdo, who disguises himself as an aspidistra.


Produced by: Patrick Dowling
Theme Music: Duo in G, Op. 34 No. 2: Rondo by Ferdinando Carulli (series 1, 3, 4); Norwegian Dance Opus 35 No. 2 by Edvard Grieg (series 2)

Ian Messiter (The Rangdo – series 1)
Moira Stuart (Darong – series 1)
Charmian Gradwell (Gnoard – series 1-3)
Sarah Lam (Dorgan – series 4)
Chris Leaver (Gandor (series 1-4)
Bill Homewood (Rongad (series 3-4)
Lesley Judd (the mole – series 2)


Episodes marked (*) are missing from the BBC archive.

Series One

24 May 1980
Running Time: 26m
Contestants: Elizabeth Estensen, Fred Harris, Mark Dugdale

31 May 1980
Running Time: 37m
Contestants: Liza Goddard, Michael Rodd, Stephen Cox

7 June 1980
Running Time: 37m
Contestants: Pat Cater, Maggie Philbin, James Burke

14 June 1980
Running Time: 29m
Contestants: Denise Coffey, Dr. Garry Hunt, Toby Freeman

21 June 1980
Running Time: 45m
Contestants: Lesley Judd, Robert Malos, Paul Darrow

Series Two

2 November 1981
Running Time: 45m
Contestants: Graeme Garden, Carol Chell, Nicolas Hammond

9 November 1981
Running Time: 45m
Contestants: Madeline Smith, David Yip, Derek Gale

16 November 1981
Running Time: 45m
Contestants: David Singmaster, Sue Cook, Philip Sheppard

23 November 1981 (*)
Running Time: 44m
Contestants: Tessa Hamp, Nerys Hughes, Derek Griffiths

30 November 1981
Running Time: 45m
Contestants: John Craven, Bill Green, Kirsty Miller[7]

Series Three

2 February 1984
Running Time: 39m
Contestants: Sarah Greene, Anne Miller, Richard Stilgoe

9 February 1984
Running Time: 38m
Contestants: Sue Nicholls, Duncan Goodhew, Emma Disley

16 February 1984
Running Time: 40m
Contestants: Adam Tandy, Sandra Dickinson, Chris Serle

23 February 1984
Running Time: 39m
Contestants: Paul McDowell, Bonnie Langford, Christopher Hughes

1 March 1984
Running Time: 39m
Contestants: Janet Fielding, Nigel Crocket, Neil Adams

8 March 1984
Running Time: 45m
Contestants: Fern Britton, Noel Edmonds, Ray Virr

Series Four

7 January 1986
Contestants: Sheelagh Gilbey, Roy Kane, Ian McNaught-Davis

14 January 1986
Contestants: Johnny Ball, Barbara Lott, Liz Hobbs

21 January 1986
Contestants: David Sandeman, Fiona Kennedy, Ian McCaskill

4 February 1986
Contestants: Prof. Heinz Wolff, Deborah Leigh Hall, Ruth Madoc

11 February 1986
Contestants: Joanna Monro, Val Prince, George Layton

18 February 1986
Contestants: Heather Couper, Keith Chegwin, Adam Gilbey

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