The Adding Machine (1969)

104m 37s, 9415 feet
mono, English

A British/American fantasy film directed by Jerome Epstein.

Plot Summary

A downtrodden accountant is facing being made redundant by the introduction of a computer (the adding machine of the title) and is forced to re-evaluate his life.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jerome Epstein
© MCMLXVIII [1968] Universal Pictures Ltd.
A Jerome Epstein production for Universal Pictures Ltd
Produced by: Jerome Epstein
Written for the Screen by: Jerome Epstein
Based upon the play The Adding Machine by: Elmer Rice
Additional Gags for Sequence: Charles Chaplin *
Director of Photography: Walter Lassally
Editor: Gerry Hambling
Music Composed and Conducted by: Mike Leander and Lambert Williamson
Sound Recordist: Brian Marshall
Costume Designer: Gabriella Falk
Make-Up: Alan Brownie
Hairstyles: Stephanie Kaye
Art Director: Jack Shampan

Phyllis Diller (Mrs Zero)
Milo O'Shea (Mr Zero)
Billie Whitelaw (Daisy)
Sydney Chaplin (Lt Charles)
Julian Glover (Shrdlu)
Raymond Huntley (Smithers)
Libby Morris (Ethel)
Paddy O'Neill (Mabel)
Hugh McDermott (Harry)
Phil Brown (Ben)
Carol Cleveland (Judy)
Kenny Damon (Joe)
C. Denier Warren (jury foreman)
Tommy Dugan (judge)
Bruce Boa (detective)
John Brandon (1st cell jailer)
Hal Galili (2nd cell jailer)
Tony Caunter (3rd cell jailer)
Bill Hutchinson (Judy's lover)
Helen Elliott (2nd apartment girl)


Marjorie Bilbow in Today's Cinema no.9815 (19 June 1970) complained that “the prevalence of monologues spoken direct to camera makes the greater part of the film little more than a succession of talking heads,” and that “all of the cast are excellent until called upon to deliver an emotional outburst, when the static treatment tricks them into the over-emphasis of a stage performance designed to sock it to to 'em at the back of the gallery.” She concluded that it was “a very wordy and now out-dated fantasy of interest mainly to older theatregoers who may enjoy the stagey presentation and to others attracted by the strong cast.”



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