The Addiction (1995)

black and white
Dolby Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Abel Ferrara.

Plot Summary

philosophy student Kathleen Conklin attends a slide show on the horrific events of the Mei Lai massacre in Vietnam. Returning home late at night, she is approached on the street by a woman, Casanova, who suddenly attacks her, drags her down an alleyway and bites her neck, sucking at her blood.


Directed by: Abel Ferrara
© 1994, Fast Films, Inc.
Russell Simmons presents
Executive Producers: Russell Simmons, Preston Holmes
Produced by: Dennis Hann, Fernando Sulichin
Line Producer: Margot E. Lulick
Associate Producers: Antony Blinken, Marla Hanson
Written by: Nicholas St John
Photography: Ken Kelsch
Film Editor: Mayin Lo
Music: Joe Delia
Production Sound Mixer: Robert Taz Larrea
Costume Design: Melinda Eshelman
Make-Up Artist: Patricia Regan
Key Hair Stylist: Wayne Herndon
Production Design: Charles Lagola

Lili Taylor (Kathleen Conklin)
Christopher Walken (Peina)
Annabella Sciorra (Casanova)
Edie Falco (Jean)
Paul Caldaron (Professor)
Fredro Starr (Black)
Kathryn Erbe (anthropology student)
Michael Imperioli (missionary)
Jamel “Redrum” Simmons (Black's friend)
Father Robert Castle (narrator)
Michael Fella (cop)
Dr Louis A. Katz (doctor)
Leroy Johnson, Fred Williams (homeless victims)
Avron Coleman (cellist)
Lisa Casillo (Mary)
Frank (Butchy the Hat) Aquilino (delivery man)
Nicholas Decegli (cabby)
Jay Julien (dean)
Chuck Jeffries (bartender)
Ed Conna (waiter)



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