The Absent Minded Professor (1961)

USA, 1961
35mm film, black and white (colourised version also available), 1.75:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Robert Stevenson. Production began on 2 May 1960 1Variety vol.218 no.13 (25 May 1960) p.22.

Plot Summary

Professor Ned Brainard accidently invents a substance known as “Flubber” which gains energy every time it strikes a hard surface. Brainard coats his shoes with the substance, allowing him to make fantastic leaps and even allows his old Model-T Ford to fly. But Brainard and his invention come to the attention of ruthless businessman Alonzo Hawk who plans to wants to steal “Flubber”.


Director: Robert Stevenson
Walt Disney
Producer: Walt Disney
Script: Bill Walsh
Short Story: A Situation of Gravity by Samuel Taylor
Director of Photography: Edward Colman
Editor: Cotton Warburton
Music: George Bruns
Sound Supervisor: Robert O. Cook
Costume Designers: Chuck Keehne, Gertrude Casey
Make-Up: Pat McNalley
Hair: Ruth Sandifer
Special Effects: Peter Ellenshaw, Eustace Lycett, Robert A. Mattey, Joshua Meador
Special Photographic Effects: Robert A. Mattey, Joshua Meador
Animation Effects: Joshua Meador
Art Director: Carroll Clark

Fred MacMurray (Professor Ned Brainard)
Nancy Olson (Betsy Carlisle)
Keenan Wynn (Alonzo Hawk)
Tommy Kirk (Biff Hawk)
Ed Wynn (Fire Chief)
Leon Ames (Rufus Daggett)
Elliott Reid (Shelley Ashton)
Wally Brown (Coach Elkins)
Edward Andrews (Defence Secretary)
David Lewis (General Singer)
Jack Mullaney (Air Force Captain)
Bell Montrose (Mrs Chatworth)
Gage Clark (Reverend Bosworth)
Forrest Lewis (Officer Kelly)
Alan Carney (1st referee)
James Westerfield (Cop Hanson)
Wendell Holmes (General Poynter)
Alan Hewitt (General Hotchkiss)
Raymond Baily (Admiral Olmstead)
Elliott Reid (Shelby Ashton)

Alternative Titles

Der Fliegende Pauker – German title
Hajamielinen professori – Finnish title
Mont’là-d’ssus – French title
O Professor Distraído – Portugese title
Un professore tra le nuvole – Italian title
Pyörät pilvissä – Finnish title
Roztargniony profesor – Polish title
Un sabio en las nubes – Spanish title
Den Tankspridde professorn – Swedish title
Der Zerstreute Professor – German title

Son of Flubber (1963)

The Absent Minded Professor (1988)
Flubber (1998)

Extracts included in
The Walt Disney Story (1973)



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