The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

UK, 1970
35mm film, colour (by Movielab), 1.85:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Robert Fuest. In the UK it was released on a double bill with The Incredible 2-headed Transplant (1971).

Plot Summary

Disfigured musical genius Dr Anton Phibes takes revenge on the surgical team that failed to save the live of his beloved wife. Phibes uses the ten curses unleashed upon Egypt as told in the Old Testament as the basis for his revenge, unleashing swarms of marauding bees, bats and so on.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Robert Fuest
© MCMLXXI American International Productions (England) Limited
AIP [logo]. James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff present an American International picture
Executive Producers: Samuel Z. Arkoff & James H. Nicholson
Produced by: Louis M. Heyward & Ronald S. Dunas
Written by: James Whiton & William Goldstein
Additional Dialogue: Louis M. Heyward *
Director of Photography: Norman Warwick
Editing: Tristam Cones
Original Music Composed and Arranged by: Basil Kirchin
Sound Recordist: Dennis Whitlock
Wardrobe: Elsa Fennell
Make-up: Trevor Crole-Rees
Hairdresser: Bernadette Ibbetson
Special Effects: George Blackwell
Sets Designed by: Brian Eatwell

Vincent Price (Dr Anton Phibes)
Joseph Cotten (Dr Vesalius)
Hugh Griffith (rabbi)
Terry-Thomas (Dr Longstreet)
Peter Jeffrey (Inspector Trout)
Derek Godfrey (Crow)
Norman Jones (Detective Sgt Schenley)
John Cater (Waverley)
Aubrey Woods (Goldsmith)
John Laurie (Darrow)
Maurice Kaufmann (Dr Whitcombe)
Barbara Keogh (Mrs Frawley)
Sean Bury (Lem Vesalius)
Charles Farrell (chauffeur)
Susan Travers (Nurse Allan)
David Hutcheson (Dr Hedgepath)
Edward Burnham (Dr Dunwoody)
Alex Scott (Dr Hargreaves)
Peter Gilmore (Dr Kitaj)
Virginia North (Vulnavia)
Caroline Munro (Victoria Phibes{ *

Alternative Titles

L’abominable Doctor Phibes – Spain (Catalan)
El abominable Dr. Phibes – Spain
L’Abominable Dr. Phibes – France
O Abominável Dr. Phibes – Brazil
L’abominevole Dr. Phibes – Italy
Den Blodtörstige hämnaren – Sweden
The Curse of Dr. Phibes – working title
Dr. Phibes – den fasansfulle – Sweden
Dr. Phibes – USA (advertising title)
Odrazajacy dr Phibes – Poland
Ohavny Dr. Phibes – Czechoslovakia
O Satanikos doktor Phibes – Greece
Das Schreckenskabinett des Dr. Phibes – West Germany
Vampyyrin kosto – Finland

Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)

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At various times a third film was announced but has so far not been made, among them The Bride of Dr. Phibes (no date), Dr. Phibes in the Holy Land (no date), The Son of Dr. Phibes (no date), Phibes Resurrectus (1977), Dr. Phibes (1981) and another proposal titled Phibes Resurrectus (1984)



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