The Abbott and Costello Show (1952-1953)

USA, -1953
2 series, 52 episodes, average 25m each
black and white
mono, English

An American comedy television series with at least one borderline fantasy episode.


Possibly incomplete. Genre episodes are noted in bold and are linked to further information – other episodes are listed for reference only.

Season One
The Drug Store
The Dentist's Office
The Vacation
Lou's Birthday Party
The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
The Army Story
Pots and Pans
The Charity Bazaar
The Western Story
The Haunted House
Peace and Quiet
The Music Lovers
The Politician
The Wrestling Story
Getting a Job
Bingo the Chimp
Hillary's Birthday
The Television Show
Las Vegas
Little Old Lady
The Actors' Home
Police Rookies

Season Two
The Paper Hangers
Uncle Bozzo's Visit
In Society
Life Insurance
Pest Exterminators
Killer's Wife
Cheap Skates
South of Dixie
From Bed to Worse
$1000 TV Prize
Efficiency Experts
Car Trouble
Wife Wanted
Uncle from New Jersey
Private Eye
The Tax Return
Public Enemies
Bank Holdup
Well Oiled
The Pigeon
Honeymoon House
Fencing Master
Beauty Contest Story
Fall Guy
Barber Lou

Alternative Titles

El show de Abbott y Costello – Venezuelan title



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