The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock (1959)

35mm film, “filmed in Wonderama and Mattascope”, black and white, 1.85:1

An American comedy fantasy film directed by Sidney Miller. Production began on 1 December 1958.

Plot Summary

Emmy Lou Raven is madly in love with Artie Pinsetter who won't marry her until he has realised his dream of becoming a great scientist. But when she wanders into Dinosaur Springs, she is transformed into a giant by heavy levels of .


Directed by: Sidney Miller
© MCMLIX [1959] by D.R.B., Inc.
Columbia Pictures Corporation presents a DRB production
Executive Producer: Edward Sherman
Produced by: Lewis J. Rachmil
Screen Play by: Rowland Barber, Arthur Ross
Story by: Lawrence L. Goldman
Story Idea by: Jack Rabin, Irving Block
Assistant Director: William Dorfman
Director of Photography: Frank G. Carson
Stills: Glen Adams [uncredited]
Film Editor: Al Clark
Music Composed and Conducted by: Raoul Kraushaar
Recording Supervisor: John Livadary
Sound: George Cooper
RCA Sound Recording
Make-up Supervision: Clay Campbell
Hair Styles: Helen Hunt
Special Photographic Effects Created by: Irving Block, Jack Rabin, Louis DeWitt
Art Director: William Flannery
Set Decorator: James A. Crowe
Locations: Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA [uncredited]
Stunts: Pat Costello [uncredited]

Lou Costello [Artie Pinsetter]
Dorothy Provine [Emmy Lou Raven]
Gale Gordon [Raven]
Jimmy Conlin [Magruder]
Charles Lane [Standard Bates]
Robert Burton [1st General]
Will Wright [Pentagon General]
Lenny Kent [Sergeant]
Ruth Perrott [Aunt May]
Jack Straw [pilot – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Lou Costello and His 30 Foot Bride
Neropatti pulassa
– Finland
The Secret Bride of Candy Rock
– shooting title



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