The 13th Warrior (1999)

USA, 1998
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), Technicolor, 2.35:1
DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS, English

An American fantasy film directed by John McTiernan with uncredited reshoots supervised by Michael Crichton.

Plot Summary

In AD 922, the Arab courtier Ahmad Ibn Fadlan is sent to Scandinavia as an emissary. Initially, he's repelled by the barbaric customs and rituals of the he meets there but joins forces with the Norsemen to battle the cannibalistic Wendol, fabled “Creatures of the Mist” who have been attacking their villages.


Directed by: John McTiernan; Michael Crichton [reshoots – uncredited]
Touchstone Pictures presents a Crichton/McTiernan production. A John McTiernan film
Executive Producers: Andrew G. Vajna, Ethan Dubrow
Produced by: John McTiernan, Michael Crichton, Ned Dowd
Co-producer: Lou Arkoff
Associate Producer: Casey Grant
Screenplay by: William Wisher and Warren Lewis
Based on Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton
Director of Photography: Peter Menzies Jr
Film Editor: John Wright
Music Composed and Conducted by: Jerry Goldsmith
Production Sound Mixer: Robert Eber
Costume Designer: Kate Harrington
Make Up Department Head: Jeff Dawn
Hair Department Head: Peter Tothpal
Special Make Up Effects: Crist Ballas
Hero Wendol Bear Heads Costume Effects: Morag McLean
Special Effects Coordinator: Thomas L. Fisher
Visual Effects Supervisor: John Sullivan
Visual Effects: Buena Vista Imaging; Cinesite; Pacific Title Digital; POP Film
Production Designer: Wolf Kroeger

Antonio Banderas (Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan Ibn Al Abbas Ibn Rashid Ibn Hamad)
Diane Venora (Queen Weilew)
Dennis Storhøi (Herger the Joyous)
Vladimir Kulich (Buliwyf)
Omar Sharif (Melchisidek)
Anders T. Andersen (Wigliff)
Richard Bremmer (Skeld the Superstitious)
Tony Curran (Weath the Musician)
Mischa Hausserman (Rethel the Archer)
Neil Maffin (Roneth)
Asbjørn Riis (Halga the Wise)
Clive Russell (Helfdane the Fat)
Daniel Southern (Edgtho the Silent)
Oliver Sveinall (Haltaf the Boy)
Sven Wollter (King Hrothgar)
Albie Woodington (Hyglak the Quarrelsome)
John DeSantis (Ragnar the Dour)
Eric Avari (caravan leader)
Maria Bonnevie (Olga)
Richard Ooms (one-eyed old man)

Alternative Titles

13 guerreros – Argentinian title
13 Warriors – Japanese title
Der 13. Krieger – German title
Den 13. kriger – Danish title
13. Soturi – Finnish title
Den 13:e krigaren – Swedish title
Le 13ème guerrier – French title
O 13º Guerreiro – Brazilian title
Il 13º guerriero – Italian title
O 13os polemistis – Greek title
Al 13-lea razboinic – Romanian title
Eaters of the Dead – working title
El guerrero nº 13 – Spanish title
Schwarze Nebel – Austrian title
The Thirteenth Warrior
Los trece guerreros – Venezuelan title
Il tredicesimo guerriero – Italian title
Le treizième guerrier – French title
O Último Viking – Portugese title
The Vikings – working title

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