The 13th Floor (1988)

Australia, 1988
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Chris Roache.

Plot Summary

A young girl sees her father electrocuting a young boy and grows up to be haunted by the boy’s ghost.


Director: Chris Roache
David Hannay Productions, Medusa Communications, Premiere Film Marketing Ltd
Executive Producer: Tom Broadbridge
Producers: Charles Hannah, David Hannay
Line Producer: Lynn Barker
Script: Chris Roache
Story: Louis Chavance, Henri-Georges Clouzot
Director of Photography: Stephen Prime
Editor: Peter McBain
Music: Mick Coleman, Joseph El Khouri
Sound Recordist: David Glasser
Production Designer: Darrell Lass

Kylie Clare (Heather Thompson aged 8)
Tony Blackett (Robert Thompson)
Allen Leong (Brian Chung)
Matthew Nicholls (Tom Poulsen’s son)
Nicholas Forster (Tom Poulsen)
Vic Rooney (Brenner)
Georgie Parker (maid)
Lisa Hensley (Heather Thompson aged 20)
Miranda Otto (Rebecca)
Jeff Truman (Bert)
Paul Hunt (Nick)
Tim McKenzie (John Burke)
Adam Cook (Alistair)
Cathren Michalak (tea lady)
Michael Caton (Dr Fletcher)
Andrew Ferguson (young boy)

Alternative Titles

13º Andar – Brazilian title
13º – O Andar do Pavor – Brazilian title
Electrocutor 1 – West German title


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