Terror is a Man (1959)

Philippines, USA,
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A Filipino/American science fiction/horror film directed by Gerry de Leon.

Plot Summary

William Fitzgerald is the only survivor of a shipwreck and washes ashore on an island ruled by mad doctor Girard, who is trying to surgically transform a panther into a man. Fitzgerald becomes involved in Girard's insane schemes and the situation is complicated further when Girard's neglected wife falls in love with Fitzgerald.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Gerry de Leon
© MCMLIX [1959] Lynn-Romero Productions
Copyright renewed Hemisphere Entertainment Inc.. Independent-International Pictures Corp. presents a Hemisphere Entertainment Inc. release
A Lynn-Romero production
Produced by: Kane W. Lynn and Edgar F. Romero
Production Supervisor: Joseph Salzburg
Unit Manager: Mario David
Production Coordinator: Artemio B. Tecson
Written by: Harry Paul Harber
Novel: The by H.G. Wells *
Ass't. Director: Jose Dagumboy
Photographed by: Emmanuel I. Rojas
Ass't. Cameraman: Fred Conde
Film Editor: Gervasio Santos
Ass't Film Editor: Rufino Cabrales
Laboratory Technician: Fred Lopez
Music Composed and Conducted by: Ariston Auelino
Recordist: Pedro Nicolas
Sound Technician: Pat Del Rosario
Sound Engineer: Demetrio de Santos
Sound Effects Editor: Tony Gosaluez
Makeup by: Remedios Amazan
Special Effects by: Hilario Santos
Production Design by: Vicente Bonus
Ass't. to the Producers: Carpi Asturias
Locations: Corregidor, Philippines *
Filmed at : Premier Production Studios, Manila, Philippines

Francis Lederer [Dr Charles Girard]
Greta Thyssen [Frances Girard]
Richard Derr [William Fitzgerald]
Oscar Keesee [Walter Perrera]
Lilia Duran [Selene]
Peyton Keesee [Tiago]
Flory Carlos [beast-man – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Blood Creature – US reissue title
Creature from Blood Island
The Gory Creatures
Island of Terror
– working title

Extracts included in
A Century of Science Fiction (1996)