Terminal Island (1973)

USA, 1973
35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Stephanie Rothman.

Plot Summary

The death penalty is banned in California and instead murderers are sent to San Bruno Island where they are left to their own devices, ruled over by the tyrannical Bobby. A group of rebels try to fight back.


Directed by: Stephanie Rothman
© 1973 by Dimension Pictures, Inc.
Dimension Pictures presents
Executive Producer: Lawrence H. Woolner
Produced by: Charles S. Swartz
Written by: Jim Barnett and Charles S. Swartz & Stephanie Rothman
Director of Photography: Daniel Lacambre
Film Editors: John O’Connor, Jere Huggins
Music by: Michael Andres
Sound: Roger Daniel
Wardrobe: Dona Baldwin, Karen Chernoff
Makeup: Rafaelle Patterson
Art Director: Jack Fisk

Don Marshall (A.J.)
Phyllis Davis (Joy)
Ena Hartman (Carmen)
Marta Kristen (Lee [Phillips])
Barbara Leigh (Bunny)
Randy Boone (Easy)
Sean Kenney (Bobby)
Tom Selleck (Dr Milford)
Roger E. Mosley (Monk)
Geoffrey Deuel as Chino
Ford Clay (Cornell)
Frank Christi (Teale)
Jo Morrow (newswoman)
Clyde Ventura (Dylan)
James Whitworth (Vander)
Richard Stahl (T.V. anchorman)
Sandy Ward (guard)
Albert Cole (Finney)
Chris Allen (Dana)
Richard Taylor (newsman)
Ray Saniger (Red)

Alternative Titles

Le Dernier pénitencier – French title
Djeveløya – Norwegian title
L’Île du non-retour – French Canadian title
La isla de los condenados – Peruvian title
Knuckle-Men – UK title
Kvindefængslet på Djævleøen – Danish title
Männer wie die Tiger – West German title
To Nisi ton katharmaton – Greek re-release title
Pirunsaari U.S.A. – Finnish title
To Teleftaio nisi tis Kolaseos – Greek title
To Teleftaio nisi ton zontanon nekron – Greek title
Terminal Island – L’Isola dei Dannati – Italian title

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