Tequila Body Shots (1999)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Tony Shyu.

Plot Summary

Three friends set out for a party in Mexico but along the way, one of them, Johnny drinks a medicine man's special and develops psychic powers. He uses them to save his beloved Tamlyn who is being stalked by her punk ex-boyfriend and dead ex-husband, ending up in at deadly party…


Directed by: Tony Shyu
Copyright: Showtown Films
Showtown Films presents a film by Tony Shyu
Produced by: Tony Shyu & Jong Shyu
Co-Producer: John Duffy
Associate Producer: Robyn Lattaker-Johnson
Written by: Tony Shyu
Director of Photography: Lawrence Schweich
Edited by: Pamela Raymer
Music by: Shayne Fair, Larry Herbstritt
Production Sound Mixers: Kenneth Novak, Mark A. Rozett
Costume Designer: Elaine Montalvo
Special Effects Foreman: Kevin Beauchamp

Joey Lawrence (Johnny Orpheus)
Dru Mouser (Tamlyn)
Nathan Anderson (Paul)
Josh Marchette (Al)
Robert Patrick Benedict (Ted)
Jennifer Lyons (Angela)
Senta Moses (Linda)
Rene L. Moreno (Hector)
Stephanie Arellano (Tina)
Henry Darrow as “Doc”
Mauro L. Metini (bouncer in club)
Richard Stay (Larry)
Apollo Dukakis (Professor)
Ian Jacklin (Biff)
Alexandra Adi (waitress)
Harley Zumbrum (Roc)
Greg Poland (host)
Irwin Keyes (jailman #1)
Paul Renteria (jailman #2)



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