Teenage Zombies (1957)

35m film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Jerry Warren.

Plot Summary

Reg, Skip, Julie and Pam stumble upon an island being used by a female scientist and foreign agents for their experiments in turning people into zombie-like slaves ahead of an invasion of the United States. The teens become standed on the island and learn that the local sheriff has been convicts and drunks for the experiments and are determined to fight back before they meet a similar fate.


Directed by: Jerry Warren
Jerry Warren presents
© MCMLCII [1957] G.B.M. Productions
Original Screenplay: Jaques Lecotier [real name: Jerry Warren]
Produced by: Jerry Warren
Production Supervisor: G.B. Murphy [real name: Brianne Murphy]
Assistant Director: Ike Jones
Script Supervisor: Conrad Wolf
Director of Photography: Allen Chandler
Editor: Jerry Warren *
Musical Director: Erich Bromberg [real name: Jerry Warren]
Wardrobe: Geraldine Brianne [real name: Brianne Murphy]
Makeup Supervisor: Jean Morrison
Set Decorator: Jack Haffner
Set Construction: Don Morrison [real name: J.L.D. Morrison]

Don Sullivan [Regg]
Katherine Victor [Dr Myra]
Steve Conte [Whorf]
J.L.D. Morrison [Brandt]
Bri Murphy [Pam]
Paul Pepper [Skip]
Mitzie Albertson [Julie]
Jay Hawk [Morrie]
Mike Concannon [sheriff]
Nan Green [Dotty]
Don Neeley [Major Coleman]
Chuck Niles [Ivan – uncredited]
Mitch Evans [gorilla – uncredited] 1The AFI Catalog states that: “Modern sources state that Evan Hayworth played the gorilla.” However it doesn't identify what those sources may be]

Alternative Titles

Teenage Torture
del terror – Mexican title
Подростки-зомби – Soviet Russian title

Frankenstein Island (1981)
Teenage Zombies (2019)

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The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made (2004)
I, Zombi (2003)


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