Teenage Exorcist (1991)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Grant Austin Waldman.

Plot Summary

A college student moves into an old mansion and is possessed by demons.


Directed by: Grant Austin Waldman
© MCMXCI [1991] Austin Enterprises/Wald-Way Films
Austin Enterprises presents a Wald-Way Films production. A Grant Austin Waldman production
Executive Producer: Caryle J. Waldman
Produced by: Grant Austin Waldman
Co-produced by: Drew Alan Waldman
Associate Producer: Fred Olen Ray
Associated Producers: William H. Molina, Jay Richardson, Bob Bragg, Adam A. Witlin, Jon Gray
Screenplay by: Brinke Stevens
Original Story by: Fred Olen Ray
Director of Photography: William H. Molina
Edited by: David R. Schwartz
Music by: Chuck Cirino
Sound Mixer: Alexander Welles
Costume Designer: Paris Libby
Key Make-up & Hair: Taye-Loren
Special Effects Make-up by: Joey Castro
Special Visual Effects by: Bret Mixon
Art Director: Jim Peattie

Eddie Deezen (Eddie)
Brinke Stevens (Dianne)
Oliver Darrow (demon)
Jay Richardson (Mike)
Tom Shell (Jeff)
Elena Sahagun (Sally)
Robert Quarry (Father McFarren)
Michael Berryman (Herman)
Hoke Howell (Baron DeSade)
Kathryn Kates (maid)
Joe Zimmerman, Karl Dietz, Houston Fortner, Bill Patchen (zombies)
Dan Canamar (Abdul)
Grant Waldman (pizza cook)
Jasaé (dead woman)



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