Tarzan and the Great River (1967)

Switzerland, USA,
35mm film, “filmed in Panavision” (anamorphic), Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

A Swiss/American fantasy film directed by Robert Day.

Plot Summary

travels to Brazil at the request of an old friend to prevent a cult from attacking and slaughtering native villages and enslaving the survivors. There he meets Dr Ann Philips who is trying to inoculate the natives against an epidemic.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Robert Day
© copyright MCMLXVII [1967] Allfin A.G.
Banner Productions Inc *
Produced by: Sy Weintraub
Associate Producer: Steve Shagan
Production Manager: John Palmer
Assistant Production Manager: Roberto Bakker *
Screenplay by: Bob Barbash
Story by: Bob Barbash & Lewis Reed
Characters: Edgar Rice Burroughs [credited in possessory above title]
Assistant Director: Mario Cisneros
Continuity: Barbara Rowland
Director of Photography: Irving Lippman
Camera Operator: Hugo Velasco
Assistant Cameraman: Roy Ford
Editors: Anthony Carras, Edward Mann, James Nelson
Associate Editor: Donald H. Wolfe
Assistant Editor: Isagami V. Pastor
Music Composed and Conducted by: William Loose
Music Supervision: Igo Kantor
Sound Effects by: Edit-Rite
Sound by: Producers' Sound Services, Inc.
Re-recording: Don Minkler, Bill Mumford
Special Effects: Ira Anderson
Main Title: Cinefx & Phill Norman
Art Director: Herbert Smith
Property Master: George Walford
Locations: Brazil *
Unit Manager: Camillo Sampaio

Mike Henry as Tarzan
Jan Murray (Captain Sam Bishop)
Manuel Padilla Jr (Pepe)
Diana Millay (Dr Ann Philips)
Rafer Johnson (Barcuma)
Paulo Gracindo (Professor)

Alternative Titles

Tarzan am großen Fluß – West Germany
Tarzan and the Big River – working title
Tarzan e il grande fiume – Italy
Tarzan e o Grande Rio – Brazil (television), Portugal
Tarzán en el Amazonas
– Spain
Tarzan ja viidakon tappajat
– Finland
Tarzan slår till i Amazonas
– Sweden
Tarzan, Brazil
– working title
Tarzan, Spain
– working title

Extracts included in
Biography: Tarzan: The Legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs (1996)



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