Tam Lin (1970)

UK, 1969
35mm film, Panavision, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Roddy McDowall. Production began on 7 July 1969 1Variety 16 July 1969 p.34

Plot Summary

Mrs Cazaret keeps her much younger entourage around her thanks to her fabulous wealth and her powers of witchcraft. But she's driven to terrible revenge when her latest male follower falls for the local vicar's daughter.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Roddy McDowall
© MCMLXXI [1971] by Winkast Film Productions Ltd.
Commonwealth United Entertainment presents a Jerry Gershwin-Elliott Kastner picture. Filmed by Winkast Film Productions Ltd.
Executive Producers: Henry T. Weinstein and Anthony B. Unger
Produced by: Alan Ladd Jr and Stanley Mann
Associate Producer: Denis Holt
Production Manager: Colin Brewer
Original Screenplay by: William Spier
Poem: The Ballad of Tam Lin by Robert Burns *
2nd Unit Director: Peter Beale *
Assistant Director: Kip Gowans
Continuity: Penny Daniels
Director of Photography: Billy Williams
Camera Operator: David Harcourt
Film Editor: John Victor Smith
Music Composed and Conducted by: Stanley Myers
Song: “Sun in My Eyes” music by Salena Jones, lyrics by William Spier
Songs Composed and Performed by: The Pentangle
Sound Recordists: Bill Daniels, Gordon K. McCallum
Boom Operator: Gus Lloyd *
Assistant Boom Operator: Steve Pickard *
Dubbing Editor: Don Challis
Costumes Designed by: Beatrice Dawson
Miss Gardner's Gowns Executed by: Balmain
Production Designed by: Don Ashton
Art Director: John Graysmark
Assistant Art Director: Alan Tomkins
Filmed on location in Scotland and at Pinewood Studios, London, England

Ava Gardner (Mrs [Michaela] Cazaret)
Ian McShane (Tom Lynn)
Cyril Cusack (Julian Ainsley)
Richard Wattis (Elroy)
Stephanie Beacham (Janet Ainsley)
David Whitman (Oliver)
Sinead Cusack (Rose)
Madeline Smith (Sue)
Fabia Drake (Miss Gibson)
Jenny Hanley (Caroline)
Joanna Lumley (Georgia)
Pamela Farbrother (Vanna)
Bruce Robinson (Alan)
Salena Jones [not listed in end credits]
Rosemary Blake (Kate)
Michael Bills (Michael)
Peter Hinwood (Guy)
Hayward Morse (Andy)
Julian Barnes (Terry)
Oliver Norman (Peter)
Virginia Tingwell (Lottie)
Jan Dinnen, Andrew Grant, Don Hawkins, Delia Lindsay, Linda Marlowe, Michael Mundell, Yvonne Quenet, Erika Raffael, Jocelyne Sbath, Christopher Williams, Jimmy Winston (second coven)

Alternative Titles

La balada de Tam Lin – Venezuela
The Ballad of Tam-Lin
The Devil's Widow
The Devil's Woman
Games and Toys
– working title
Sapore di donna
– Italy
La viuda del diablo
– Spain

Production Notes

Filming began on 7 July 1969 under the title Toys at Peebles in Scotland.



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