Tales of the Haunted: Evil Stalks This House (1981)

USA, 12 July 1981
1 series, 5 episodes, 30m average; 96m – feature length version
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American horror television mini-series directed by Gordon Hessler. It was originally intended to be part of an anthology series which was then abandoned and was first shown in syndication in 1981 as 30 minute episodes broadcast over 5 consecutive nights with Christopher Lee as the host. It was later edited down to a 96 minute film, with Lee removed and retitled Evil Stalks This House.

Plot Summary

An abusive father is stranded with his two children by a thunderstorm and they shelter in an isolated country estate. The man trie sto steal from the old women sho own the estate but he falls afoul of a Satanic cult of human sacrificing snake worshippers.


Directed by: Gordon Hessler
Barry & Enright Productions in association with Global Television Network, Gaylord Production Company
Executive Producers: Jack Barry, Dan Enright
Producer: Cindy Cazau
Written by: Louis M. Heyward
Lighting Director: Tom Swartz
Audio: Paul Simpson, John McEwen
Special Effects: Warren Keillor
Art Director: Dan Yarhi

Jack Palance (Richard Stokes)
Frances Hyland (Dody Gaines)
Helen Hughes (Maggie Simpson)
Michael Starr (Tom)
Reginald Love (Bull Adams)
Cindy Hinds (Richard’s child)
Derrick Jones (Richard’s child)
Christopher Lee (host [series version only])

Alternative Titles

Evil Stalks This House – feature length version



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