Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

35mm film, Technicolor, Dolby Stereo

An American anthology horror film directed by John Harrison. It is a spin-off from the television series Tales from the Darkside (1983-1988).

Plot Summary

A woman who is preparing to eat her captured newspaper delivery boy who tells her three horror stories in order to delay the inevitable. In Lot 249 a re-animated mummy is loose in a college building and stalking students; in Cat from Hell, the eponymous murderous feline proves to be indestructible; and in Lover's Vow, a man witnesses a gargoyle murdering a man and promises it never to tell anyone what he saw, with dire consequences.


Director: John Harrison
Paramount Pictures presents a Richard P. Rubinstein production. Darkside Movie, Laurel Productions, Paramount Pictures
Producers: Richard Rubinstein, Mitchell Galin
Co-Producer: David Kappes
Unit Production Manager: Victoria Westhead
Assistant Unit Manager: Sherry Greenberg
Script: Michael McDowell (Frame Story; Lot 249; Lover's Vow), George A. Romero (Cat from Hell)
Stories: Arthur Conan Doyle (Lot 249); Stephen King (Cat from Hell)
1st Assistant Director: Marybeth Hagner
2nd Assistant Directors: Rosemary C. Cremona, Amelia Villero
Director of Photography: Robert Draper
Editor: Harry B. Miller III
Music: Chaz Jankel, Donald A. Rubinstein, Jim Manzie, Pat Regan, John Harrison
Music Produced by: D.J. Holman
Sound Mixer: Brit Warner
Boom Operator: Mark Wilkins
Sound: Weldon Brown, Michael Cerone
Costume Designer: Ida Gearon
Make Up: Nancy Tong
Special Make Up Effects: KNB EFX Group Inc
Special Make Up Effects Supervisors: Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger
Make Up Effects Consultant: Dick Smith
Special Effects Supervisor: Drew Jiritano
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ernest D. Farino
Stop Motion Animation: Justin Kohn
Rotoscoping: Bret Mixon
Optical Effects: Van der Veer Photo Effects
Production Designer: Ruth Ammon
Art Director: Jocelyne Beaudoin
Set Decorator: Jacqueline Jacobson
Set Dressers: Joseph Timothy Conway, Amory Weld
Art Department Assistant: Lloyd Bernberg
Head Animal Trainer: Brian McMillan
Animal Trainer: Stacy Regan
Locations: Bronxville, New York, USA
Stunt Co-ordinator: Edgard Mourino
Casting: Brian Chavanne, Julie Mossberg

Frame Story
Deborah Harry (Betty)
David Forrester (priest)
Matthew Lawrence (Timmy)

Lot 249
Christian Slater (Andy)
Robert Sedgwick (Lee)
Steve Buscemi (Edward Bellingham)
Donald Van Horn (removal man)
Michael Deak (mummy)
Julianne Moore (Susan)
George Guidall (museum director)
Kathleen Chalfont (the dean)
Ralph Marrero (cabbie)

Cat from Hell
David Johansen (Halston)
Paul Greene (cabbie)
William Hickey (Drogan)
Alice Drummond (Carolyn)
Delores Sutton (Amanda)
Mark Margolis (Gage)

Lover's Vow
James Remar (Preston)
Ashton Wise (Jer)
Philip Lenowsky (Maddox)
Robert Klein (Wyatt)
Rae Dawn Chong (Carola)
Joe Dabenigno, Larry Silvestri (policemen)
Donna Davidge (gallery patron)
Nicole Leach (Margaret)
Daniel Harrison (John)
Joel Valentien (gargoyle's voice)

Alternative Titles

Darkside, les contes de la nuit noire – France
I delitti del gatto nero – Italy
El gato infernal – Spain
Geschichten aus der Schattenwelt – Germany
Opowiesc o zmroku – Poland

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