Take an Easy Ride (1976)

44m, 4000 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British borderline horror film directed by Kenneth F. Rowles.

Plot Summary

A cautionary tale about the dangers of hitch-hiking. While vox-pop interviewees give their opinions, we see the misadventures of Suzanne who is picked up by a married couple who turn out to be sexual predators. Even worse is waiting for a motorist who picks up a couple of drug-fuelled female robbers who end up stabbing him to death, and for the two teenagers who fall prey to a sexual serial killer.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Kenneth F. Rowles
© Midas Films
Kenneth F. Rowles presents
Produced by: Kenneth F. Rowles
Co-Producer: Christopher Rowles
Production Manager: Graham Fowler
Written by: Derrick Slater
Director of Photography: Douglas Hill
Edited by: K.F.R. Productions
Music by: De Wolfe
Sound Mixer: Michael Sales
Dubbing Mixer: Tony Anscombe
Locations: Doddington, Kent, England, UK; Leeds Castle, Kent, England, UK *

Helen Bernat (Anne Davis)
Margaret Heald (Mary Ford)
Pauline Bate (1st hitch hiker)
Christianne (2nd hitch hiker)
Derrick Slater (Mr Ford)
Jeanne Field (Mrs Ford)
Sam Avent (Police Inspector)
Tony Doonan (doctor)
Charles Erskine (Jock)
Jenny Nevinson (Pam)
Stella Coley (Ruth)
Terry Francis (driver)
Frederick Hogarth (2nd lorry driver)
Sue Allen Carstairs (2nd mother)
Ron Patric (Mr Davis)



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Other Sources

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