Tahkhana (1986)


An Indian horror film directed by Shyam and Tulsi Ramsay.

Plot Summary

A dying man warns his eldest son not to give any of his fortune to his younger brother, Durjan, because of his involvement in a child-sacrificing satanic cult. Durjan plans to revive an ancient monster by sacrificing his two young nieces. The two girls escape but are separated for twenty years – when they finally meet again, they become involved on the hunt for the family's and come face to face with the monster.


Directors: Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay
Ramsay International
Producer: Gangu Ramsay
Dialogue: Kafeel Azar
Music: Ajit Singh

Hemant Birje
Aarti Gupta
Kamran Rizvi
Imtiaz Huma Khan
Puneet Issar
Rajendra Nath