La zarpa (1967)

A magical monkey’s paw grants three desires to anyone who owns it – but when a grieving mother wishes for the return of her recently deceased son, what she gets is very far from what she expected. […]


The Zip (1988)

Eric wakes up one morning to find a huge zip running the length of his upper torso. Tormented by the presence of the zip, Eric seeks medical help only to find no satisfaction. At the climax, he unzips himself, steps out of his discarded skin and achieves a higher plane of existence. […]

Science Fiction

Zontar, the Thing from Venus (1966)

A scientist helps the alien Zontar arrive on Earth from Venus, believing that he will be able to solve all of mankind’s problems. But Zontar immediately knocks out the world’s power supplies and sets about using mind control techniques on the world’s leaders. […]