Swamp! (1999)

France, 1999

A French horror film directed by Eric Bu.

Plot Summary

A film crew shooting a horror movie is being led by a thirteen year old girl who is dying and wants to direct a film as her dying wish. But is she really as ill as she appears – and if not, what’s really going on?


Directed by: Eric Bu
Produced by: Matthieu Gallou
Script: Eric Bu
Director of Photography: José Boulesteix
Editor: Brigitte Gallot
Music by: Cyril Bihi
Costume Designer: Nelly Boulesteix
Production Designer: Philippe Barthelémy

Satya Esquenazi (Béa)
Cécilia Bletterie (Batifolette)
Anne De Broca (Louisa)
Marie Luce David (Marie-Luce)
Magali Dieux (Magali)
Carole Franck (Carole)
Léa Gabriele (Léa)
Isabelle Leprince (Monique de la Meuse)
Valérie Lubat (la vouivre)
Marion Rony (Manon)
Thierry Buisson (Thierry)
Gilles Carballo (Gilles)
Christian Cloarec (Olivier)
Matthieu Gallou (Freddy)
Pierre Ingold (Pierre)
Bertrand Saint (Bertrand)
Gilles Szafirco (Alex)
Michel Toesca (Michel)
Alain Ussel (le parrain)
Jean-Marie Gigon (priest)