Svengali (1954)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British film directed by Noel Langley.


Directed by: Noel Langley
Copyright Alderdale Ltd
George Minter presents a George Minter production
Associate Producer: Douglas Peirce
Production Manager: Ben Arbeid
Screen Play by: Noel Langley
From the novel by George Du Maurier
Assistant Director: Denis O'Dell
Director of Colour Photography: Wilkie Cooper
Camera Operator: Alan Hume
Editor: John Pomeroy
Colour by Eastman Colour
Processed by Denham Laboratories, England
Music by: William Alwyn
Conducted by: Muir Mathieson
Played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Sound Recordist: Sash Fisher
Costume Designer: Beatrice Dawson
Make-up Artist: Harold Fletcher
Hair Stylists: Nora Bentley & Gordon Bond
Art Director: Fred Pusey
Casting Director: Maude Spector

Hildegard Knef (Trilby O'Ferrall)
Donald Wolfit (Svengali)
Terence Morgan (Billy Bagot)
Derek Bond (The Laird)
Paul Rogers (Taffy)
David Kossoff (Gecko)
Hubert Gregg (Durian)
Noel Purcell (Patrick O'Ferrall)
Alfie Bass (Carrell)
Harry Secombe (Barizel)
Peter Illing (Police Inspector)
Joan Haythorne (Mrs Bagot)
Hugh Cross (Dubose)
David Oxley (Dodor)
Richard Pearson (Lambert)

Alternative Titles

Farlig makt – Swedish title
Vaarallista valtaa – Finnish title



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