Surf II (1984)

35mm film, supposedly made in 3D but never released in that format, colour

An American horror film directed by Randall Badat.

Plot Summary

Bitter nerd Menlo tries to vent his frustrations against the local by selling them a contaminated batch of soda called Buzz Cola which turns them into .


Director: Randall Badat
Frank D. Tolin Productions
Executive Producers: Frank D. Tolin, Louis George
Producers: George B. Braunstein, Ron Hamady
Sequence Producer: Scott Dittrich
Associate Producer: Gerald T. Olson
Script: Randall Badat
Director of Photography: Álex Phillips Jr
Editor: Jacqueline Cambas
Music: Peter Bernstein
Sound Recordist: Jan Brodin
Costume Designer: Carin Berger
Make-up: Jim Gillespie
Special Effects Make-up: Greg Cannom, Jill Rockow
Special Effects: Jim Doyle
Art Director: Jeff Staggs

Eric Stoltz (Chuck)
Jeffrey Rogers (Bob)
Corinne Bohrer (Cindy Lou)
Lucinda Dooling (Lindy Sue)
Eddie Deezen (Menlo Schwartzer)
Linda Kerridge (Sparkle)
Lyle Waggoner (Chief Boyardie)
Joshua Cadman (Johnny Big Head)
Pat Romano (Little Big Head)
Lucy Lee Flippin (Mrs Big Head)
Nigel Bauer (hood punk)
Fred Asparagus (fat boy #1)
Jim Greenleaf (fat boy #2)
Frank D. Tolin (chauffeur)
Jerry Anderson (coroner)
Joy Michael (1st Hot Potato)
Britt Hefner (2nd Hot Potato)
Leroy Jones (freshman kid)
John Marzilli, Jim Barwood, Mark Majors (featured punks)
Freddy Skaneskin, Ted the Fish, The Poorman (DJs)
Peter Isacksen (Beaker)
Terry Kiser (Jocko's father)
Morgan Paull (Chuck's dad)
Brandis Kemp (Bob's mother)
Carol Wayne (Mrs O'Finlay)
Ron Palillo
Biff Manard (Bob's father)
Tom Villard (Jacko O'Finlay)
Ralph Seymour
Ruth Buzzi (Chuck's mom)
Cleavon Little (Daddy O)

Alternative Titles

Locura de playa – Spanish title
Surf 2 – rantojen svengijengi – Finnish title
Surf II: The End of the Trilogy



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