Supersonic Man (1979)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, Spanish

A Spanish science fiction film directed by Juan Piquer Simón, credited as J. Piquer Simon or simply Piquer Simon on different prints.

Plot Summary

The Earth is in danger from mad scientist Dr Gulik who is trying to get his hands on a formula that can turn common lasers into destructive death rays. A race of decide to awaken the slumbering Kronos and send him to Earth to help out. He arrives in New York and adopts the guise of Paul, a Clark Kent-like reporter with a magic watch that allows him to transform into the superhero Supersonic. Gulik abducts Professor Morgan who has developed the sought-after formula, after his goons track him down and deploy their ridiculous, boxy and barely mobile robot that fires missiles at their enemies. Paul teams up with Morgan's daughter Patricia to track down her missing father.


Directed by: J. Piquer Simon [real name: Juan Piquer Simón, Piquer Simon on English language prints]
An Inter-Ocean film; An Almena Films. S.A. production; Spectacular Trading presents an Almena Film production [English language version]
Deposito Legal: M-37007/1979
Executive Producer: Juan Piquer [real name: Juan Piquer Simón, Piquer Simon on English language prints]
Screenplay by: Tonino Moi, Juan Piquer [real name: Juan Piquer Simón, Piquer Simon on English language prints]
Photography: Juan Marine [John Mariner on English language prints]
Editor: Pedro Del Rey [Peter de Rey on English language prints]
Music by: Gino Peguri, Carlos Attias, Juan Luis Azaguirre
Sound Engineer: Enrique Molinero
Wardrobe: Gonzalo Gonzalo
Make-up: Carmen Martin
Special Effects: Emilio Ruiz [E. Ruiz on English language prints], Francisco Prosper [F. Prosper on English language prints]
Optical Effects: Jack Elkoubi, Miguel Villafáfila
Art Directors: Francisco Prosper [Frank Prosper on English language prints], Emilio Ruiz [Emil Ruiz on English language prints]
Exteriors filmed in New York, Madrid and Alicante

Michael Coby [real name: Antonio Cantafora] [Paul]
Cameron Mitchell [Cameron Mitchel on English language prints] [Dr Gulik]
Richard Yesteran [real name: José Luis Ayestarán] [Supersonic]
Diana Polakow [real name: Diana Polakov] [Patricia Morgan]
José María Caffarel [John Caffarel on English language prints] [Professor Morgan]
Frank Brana [real name: Francisco Braña]
Javier de Campos
Tito García
Quique Camoiras
Luis Barboo
Ángel Ter
Emilio Higueras
Luis Castilla
Frank A. Sánchez
Emilio Fornet
Marta Fernández
José A. Rico [real name: José Antonio Rico]
Jesús Millán
Óscar Simón

Alternative Titles

Ääntänopeampi mies – Finland
O Homem Supersónico – Portugal
Sonicman – West Germany
El supersónico – Peru
Süpersonik adam – Turkey
Σουπερσόνικ μαν – Greece
Сверхзвуковой человек – Russia

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