Superman and the Mole Men (1951)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Lee Sholem.

Plot Summary

Clark Kent and Lois Lane cover the opening of the world's deepest oil well and are on hand when it disturbs the subterranean lair of a race of Mole Men, humanoids who live deep within the Earth. But only Superman realises that the Mole Men are harmless and has to stop an angry mob from wiping them out.


Directed by: Lee Sholem
Copyright MCMLI [1951] by National Comics Publications, Inc.
Released by Lippert Pictures, Inc.
Produced by: Barney A. Sarecky
Original Screenplay by: Richard Fielding [real name: Robert Maxwell]
Based on the copyrighted feature appearing in Action Comics and Superman Magazines
Characters: Joe Shuster *, Jerry Siegel *
Assistant Director: Arthur Hammond
Dialogue Director: Stephen Carr
Script Clerk: Mary Chaffee
Cameraman: Clark Ramsey
Film Editor: Al Joseph
Music: Darrell Calker
Sound Engineer: Harry Smith
Sound Cutter: Bud Hayes
Wardrobe: Izzy Berne
Make-up: Harry Thomas
Special Effects: Ray Mercer
Art Director: Ernst Fegte
Property Master: George Bahr
Locations: Culver City, California, USA *

George Reeves [Superman/Clark Kent]
Phyllis Coates [Lois Lane]
Jeff Corey [Luke Benson]
Walter Reed [Bill Corrigan]
J. Farrell MacDonald [Pop Shannon]
Stanley Andrews [The Sheriff]
Ray Walker [John Craig]
Hal K. Dawson [Chuck Weber]
Phil Warren [Deputy]
Frank Reicher [hospital superintendent]
Beverly Washburn [child]
John Baer [intern] *
John Bambury, Tony Boris, Billy Curtis, Jerry Maren [mole men] *
Harry Harvey [Doc Saunders] *
Stephen Carr [Eddie] *
Margia Dean [Mrs Benson] *
Byron Foulger [Jeff Reagan] *
Adrienne Marden [nurse] *
Irene Martin [Esther Pomfrey] *
John Phillips [Matt] *

Alternative Titles

Superman and the Strange People

Adventures of Superman (1952)



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