Superbeast (1972)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by George Schenck. Production began on 29 February 1972 1Daily Variety 17 March 1972 p.12 and it was released on a double bill with Daughters of Satan (1972) and the two films were shot back-to-back in the Philippines.

Plot Summary

An American doctor is performs experiments on criminals in the heart of the Philippine jungle. The results are turned over to a hunter who lets them loose in the jungle for a manhunt.


Directed by: George Schenck
© United Artists Corporation MCMLXXII [1972]
A & S Productions *
Produced by: George Schenck
Associate Producer: Vicente Nayve
Written by: George Schenck
Director of Photography: Nonong Rasca
Editor: Film Tony DiMarco
Music Composed and Conducted by: Richard LaSalle
Sound Recording: Levy Principe
Wardrobe: Vicente Cabrera
Make-up Artist: Fred C. Blau Jr
Hairdresser: Carmelita Sioson
Set Design and Construction: Hernando Balon

Antoinette Bower ([Dr] Alix Pardee)
Craig Littler ([Dr] Bill Fleming)
Harry Lauter (Stewart Victor)
Vic Diaz (Diaz)
José Romulo (Vigo)
John Garwood (Cleaver)
Manny Oheda (Dr Rojas)
Bruno Punzalán (Datu)
Alex Flores (Sloco)
Roderick Paulate (Pepe)
Ricardo Santos (Benny)
Nanita (Lupe)



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