Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989)

USA, 1990
35mm film, colour. 2.35:1, Panavision
Dolby Stereo, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Anthony Hickox.

Plot Summary

A group of live in a remote community in the desert, existing on an artificial plasma plant. But soon, one faction wants to go back to preying on humans again.


Directed by: Anthony Hickox
© Vestron Pictures Inc.
Vestron Pictures
Executive Producers: Dan Ireland, Jack Lorenz
Produced by: Jefferson Richard
Written by: John Burgess, Anthony Hickox
Based on a Story by: John Burgess
Director of Photography: Levie Isaacks
Edited by: Christopher Cibelli
Music by: Richard Stone
Sound Mixer: Jon Earl Stein
Costume Designer: Leonard Pollack
Make-up Artist: Kathleen M. Hagan
Hair Stylist: Katie Douthit
Special Makeup Effects Designed and Created by: Tony Gardner, Larry Hamlin
Special Effects: The Physical Effects Group
Special Visual Effects: Anthony Doublin
Production Designer: David Brian Miller
Casting by: Caro Jones

David Carradine (Mardulak)
Morgan Brittany (Sarah)
Bruce Campbell (Van Helsing)
Jim Metzler (David)
Maxwell Caulfield (Shane)
Deborah Foreman (Sandy)
M. Emmet Walsh (Mort)
John Ireland (Jefferson)
Dana Ashbrook (Jack)
John Hancock (Quinton Canada)
Marion Eaton (Anna)
Dabbs Greer (Otto)
Bert Remsen (Milt)
Sunshine Parker (Merle)
Helena Carroll (Madge)
Elizabeth Gracen (Alice)
Christopher Bradley (Chaz)
Kathy MacQuarrie Martin (Burgundy)
Jack Eiseman (Nigel)
George “Buck” Flower (Bailey)

Alternative Titles

A víz nem válik vérré – Hungarian title
Sundown – Der Rückzug der Vampire – German title
Sundown – La guerre des vampires – French Canadian title
Sundown – French title
Sundown: El crepúsculo de la sangre – Argentine, Uruguayan title
Tramonto – Italian title
Vampiros a la sombra – Spanish title
Vampiros al medio día – Mexican title
Vampiros em Fuga – Brazilian title
Vampirosos – Portuguese title
Zmierzch: Wampiry w odwrocie – Polish title
Закат: Вампиры в изгнании – Russian title
Закат: Убежище вампиров – Russian title
サンダウン – Japanese title

Extracts included in
Memories of Moab (2008)
A Vampire Reformed (2008)



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