Sunday Night Theatre: Catholics: A Fable of the Future (1974)

UK, 14 April
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Sunday Night Theatre (1969-1974)

A British science fiction television play directed by Jack Gold.

Plot Summary

In the near future, the abbot of a monastery makes a stand against the the Vatican over the celebration of mass in Latin


Director: Jack Gold
HTV, Sidney Glazier Productions, Hemisphere Productions
Executive Producer: Sidney Glazier
Producer: Barry Levinson
Production Manager: Robert Simmonds
Production Controller: Bruce Sharman
Screenplay: Brian Moore
Based on the novel ‘Catholics‘ by: Brian Moore
Assistant Director: Michael Gowans
Continuity: Renée Glynne
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Camera Operator: Bernard Ford
Editor: Anne V. Coates
Music: Carl Davis
Sound Recording: Ivan Sharrock
Dubbing Mixer: Doug Turner
Sound Editor: Jonathan Bates
Wardrobe Supervisor: Frank Vinall
Make-up: Neville Smallwood
Hair: Jeanette Freeman
Art Director: John Clark
Set Decorator: Josie MacAvin
Location Manager: Grania O'Shannon

Trevor Howard (the abbott)
Raf Vallone (Father General)
Martin Sheen (Father Kinsella)
Cyril Cusack (Father Manus)
Andrew Keir (Father Matthew)
Godfrey Quigley (Father Walter)
Michael Gambon (Brother Kevin)
Leon Vitali (Brother Donald)
Seamus Healy (Brother Pius)
John Kelly (Brother Paul)
John Franklyn (Brother Martin)
Patrick Long (Brother Sean)
Cecil Sheridan (Brother Malachy)
Tom Jordan (Father Terrence)
Liam Burk (Brother Daniel)
Richard Oliver (Brother Alphonsus)

Alternative Titles

The Conflict
The Eye of the Storm



  • Rivista del Cinematografo no.2 (February 1975) pp.78-90 – script
  • Sight and Sound vol.43 no.3 (Summer 1974) pp.134-137 – interview with Jack Gold