Suffer Little Children (1984)

videotape, colour

A British horror film directed by Alan Briggs.

Plot Summary

The new arrival at a 's home wreaks havoc with demonic powers.


Directed by: Alan Briggs
© [not given on screen]
FGL Films presents a Meg Shanks production
Produced by: Meg Shanks, Alan Briggs
Assistant Directors: Mark Insull, Nick Meier
Cameras: Nick Meier, Michael Ellis, Paul Chaula, Simon Shanks, James Hillis, Mark Insull
Edited by: Alan Briggs, Mark Insull, Nick Meier, Micheal sic] Ellis
Music: Barry Gisbourne-Moor, Ginny Rose
Performed by: Djaada
Audio: Alan Briggs
Audio Assistant: Mark Insull
Wardrobe: Tara McKeown
Wardrobe Assistant: Liam Fair
Make-up: Liam Fair
Make-up Assistant: Tara McKeown
Special Effects: Michael Ellis, Alan Briggs
Props: Neil Longley, Paul Newbury
Runners: Neil Longley, Niky Bratley, Paul Newbury
Special Thanks to: Sony Video; Granada TV Rentals; A.I.P.; M.S.C.; Red Rhino and Tony Kaye; Meg Shanks Drama School; Cloudbusters; JVC This movie was made by the students of Meg Shanks' Drama School. They had no experience and no money, just determination and guts. To the Parents: Thanks for putting up with it.

Colin Chamberlain (Maurice)
Ginny Rose (Jenny)
Jon Hollanz (Mitch Philips)
Nicola Diana (Elizabeth)
Mark Insull (hustler)
Joanna Bryant (Carol)
Sharnilla Banajee (Jools)
Angela Hilton (Cath)
Nicola Bratley (Elaine)
James Hillis (Dr Stokely)
Ben Woods (Benny)
Natalie Toubkin (Natalie)
Andre Toubkin (Andre)
Julie Piper (Sarah)
Zeynep Turan (Maxine)
Tania Chivers (Julie)
Kerstin Haigh (Kelly)
Liam Fair (George)
Nick Coquet (Basil)
Maxine Cook
Augusta Nouka
Samantha Spiller
Louise Clifford
Janet Wilson
Emma Gardner
Stephanie Spiller
Jillian Love
Sarah Evans
Neil Longley
Tara McKeoun
Angela Diana
Paul Newberry
Gayle Hilton
Michael Ellis
Paul Chaula
Phillip Evans
Nick Meier
Stephanie Hilton



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