Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator (1987)

USA, 1987
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Don Nardo.

Plot Summary

Wealthy couple Jared and Casey act out their elaborate fantasies which include paid performers acting out bizarre, ritualistic plays at their mansion. Casey tries to persuade her lover Robert to murder Jared, hide his body in the incinerator and wait for seven years until he is declared legally dead and they can claim his fortune.


Directed by: Don Nardo
© 1987 Allied Film Group Productions, Inc.
An Allied Film Group prduction
Produced by: Don Nardo
Associate Producer: Peter Jones
Written by: Don Nardo & Peter Jones
Director of Photography: Herb Fuller
Editor: James Napoli
Music by Arrangement With: James and Aster, Inc.
Sound by: John Terry
Costumes and Props: Iris Klesert and Kay Traywick
Special Make-up: Karen Stanley

Catherine Dee (Stephanie/Casey)
William Dame (Paul/Jared)
M.R. Murphy (Roberta/Robert)
Dennis Cunningham (Nick/Rory)
Paul Nielsen (henchman/butler)
Andy Milk (henchman/chauffer)

At the spa
Phil Vincent (bad-tempered man)
Paula Lee Gangemi (instructor)
Neil McGarry (the cyclist)
Nicola Kerwin (woman holding photos)
Judy St. James (woman with nail file)
Karen A. Santos (woman with towel)
Dana Nardo (young man on machine)

At the airport
Paul Michael Shea (tall man in hangar)
Jess Pauley (pilot)

In the living room
Jim Ruberti (Harry)
Maria Talen (Harry’s wife)

Alternative Titles

In Deadly Heat



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