Stridulum (1979)

Netherlands, [Italy]
35mm film, colour (by Technospes), 1.85:1
mono, English

A Dutch science fiction/horror film directed by Giulio Paradisi using the name Michael J. Paradise. Although the film is often referred to as being Italian, the only company listed on-screen is a Dutch copyright holder.

Plot Summary

A young woman with psychic powers is torn between the powers of good and evil.


Directed by: Michael J. Paradise [real name: Giulio Paradisi]
© Brouwersgracht Inv. B.V. 1978
An Ovidio G. Assonitis presentation
Executive in Charge of Production: Jacques Goyard
Associate Producer: A. Caponetto
Screenplay by: Lou Comici [real name: Luciano Comici], Robert Mundy [real name: Robert Mundi]
Story by: Michael J. Paradise [real name: Giulio Paradisi], Ovidio Assonitis
Director of Photography: Ennio Guarnieri
Editor: Robert Curi [real name: Roberto Curi]
Music Composed and Conducted by: Franco Micalizzi
Special Effects: Spectacular Effects International Inc, Robert Shelley, Vernon Hyde
Optical Special Effects: E. Biamonte [real name: Ermando Biamonte]
Animation: Bozzetto [real name: Bruno Bozzetto]
Art Director: Frank Vanorio [real name: Franco Vanorio]
Atlanta Castings: Stratton leopold

Mel Ferrer [Dr Walker]
Glenn Ford [Detective Jake Durham]
Lance Henriksen [Raymond Armstead]
John Huston [Jerzy Colsowicz]
Joanne Nail [Barbara Collins]
Sam Peckinpah [Dr Sam Collins]
Shelley Winters [Jane Phillips]
Paige Conner [Katy Collins]
JA Townsend [Susan]
Jack Dorsey [real name: Joe Dorsey] [Sheriff Paul Townsend]
Johnny Popwell [AAA mechanic]
Wallace Wilkinson [police captain]
Steve Somers [sportscaster]
Lou Walker [AAA mechanic]
Walter Gordon Sr [Thomas]
Hsio Ho Chao [sales clerk]
Calvin Embry [hot dog man]
Betty Turner [receptionist]
Steve Cunningham [Jerzy's assistant]
Neal Bortz, Jack H. Gordon [businessmen]
Steve Beizer [basketball coach]

Alternative Titles

Die Außerirdischen – German title
Djævelen er en pige – Danish title
O episkeptis tis Kolaseos – Greek title
Goście – Polish title
Herdeiros da Morte – Brazilian title
Kozmikus látogatók – Hungarian title
Piken fra mørket – Norwegian title
Satans lilla flicka – Swedish title
Vierailija – Finnish title
El visitante – Mexican video title
El visitante del más allá – Spanish title
Visitante del más allá – Argentine, Mexican title
Os Visitantes – Portugues etitle
The Visitor – English language title
The Visitors – alternative title
Ziyaretçi – Turkish title
Посетитель – Russian title

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