Story Parade: The Caves of Steel (1964)

UK, 5 June
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Story Parade (1964-1965) – series 1, episode 7

A British science fiction television play directed by Peter Sasdy.

Plot Summary

New York, : a Spacer scientist from the Outer Worlds is murdered and Detective Elijah Baley is assigned to investigate. He has just 48 hours to bring the killer to justice before the aggrieved Outer World forces take their own revenge on New York. To help him, Baley is given a new partner, the positronic robot R. Daneel Olivaw, an agent of the Spacers.


* = uncredited

Director: Peter Sasdy
Producer: Eric Taylor
Script: Terry Nation
Novel: Isaac Asimov
Story Editor: Irene Shubik
Music: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Sound Effects: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Costumes: Dorothea Wallace
Special Effects: Jack Kline, Bernard Wilkie
Designers: Richard Henry, Peter Seddon

Peter Cushing (Elijah Baley)
John Carson (R. Daneel Olivaw/murdered scientist – uncredited)
Kenneth J. Warren (Commissioner Enderby)
Ian Trigger (R. Sammy)
Ellen McIntosh (Jessie Baley)
Stanley Walsh (Simpson)
John Boyd-Brent (Clousar)
Naomi Chance (Dr Gerrigel)
John Wentworth (Dr Fastolfe)
Richard Beale (Controller)
Richard Beint (shoe shop manager)
Patsy Smart (customer)
Hennie Scott (Ben Baley)
Nicholas Brent (guard)
Bill Cartwright, Michael Earl (men)
Stanley Mason, Albert Johnson [] *
Liz Body, Faith Hines Valerie Minerva [women] *
Alan Vicars, John Doye, Mickie Baker, Leslie Conrad [travellers] *
Alan Vicars, John Doye, Mickie Baker, Leslie Conrad, Derek Martin, Joseph Cohen, Pat Gorman, Alistair McFarland [policemen] *
Derek Chafer, Pat Gorman [space guard]