Stingray (1963-1965)

UK, 4 October 1964-27 June 1965
1 series, 39 episodes, average 25m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.


WASP, the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, keep the seas safe wit their secret weapon, the super-submarine Stingray piloted by Troy Tempest and his loyal co-pilot Phones. They are helped by Marina, the mute princess of the undersea kingdom of Pacifica, their boss Commander Shore, and his daughter Atlanta.


Regular Crew
Directors: David Elliott, John Kelly, Alan Pattillo, Desmond Saunders
AP Films. ITC
Producers: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
Associate Producer: Reg Hill
Scripts: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, Alan Fennell
Characterization Supervisor/Dialogue Supervisor: Sylvia Anderson
Director of Photography: John Read
Lighting Cameramen: John Read, Julien Lugrin, Paddy Seale
Camera Operators: Jimmy Elliott, Julien Lugrin
Editor: David Lane
Music/Conductor/Arranger: Barry Gray
Song Performed by: Mike Sammes Singers (Marina)
Music Editor: Tony Lenny
Sound: Maurice Askew
Re-recording Mixer: Lionel Strutt
Sound Editor: John Peverill
Dialogue Editor: Richard Best Jr
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Coleman
Special Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Special Effects Lighting: Ted Wooldridge
Puppetry Supervisor: Christine Glanville
Puppeteers: Carolyn Turner, Yvonne Hunter
Art Director: Bob Bell
Sculptors: John Blundall, Wolfgang Manthey

Regular Voices
Don Mason (Captain Troy Tempest)
David Graham (various characters)
Ray Barrett (Commander Sam Shore/Sub-Lieutenant John Fisher/Titan)
Robert Easton (Lieutenant Phones Sheridan/X20)
Lois Maxwell (Lieutenant Atlanta Shore)


Stingray (4 October 1964)
Emergency Marineville (11 October 1964)
The Ghost Ship (18 October 1964)
Subterranean Sea (25 October 1964)
Loch Ness Monster (1 November 1964)
Set Sail for Adventure (8 November 1964)
The Man from the Navy (15 November 1964)
Raptures of the Deep (19 November 1964)
An Echo of Danger (22 November 1964)
Titan Goes Pop (6 December 1964)
In Search of the Tajmanon (13 December 1964)
A Christmas to Remember (20 December 1964)
Tune of Danger (27 December 1964)
The Ghost of the Sea (3 January 1965)
Rescue from the Skies (10 January 1965)
The Lighthouse Dwellers (17 January 1965)
The Big Gun (24 January 1965)
The Cool Cave Man (31 January 1965)
Deep Heat (7 February 1965)
Star of the East (14 February 1965)
Invisible Enemy (21 February 1965)
Tom Thumb Tempest (28 February 1965)
Eastern Eclipse (7 March 1965)
Treasure Down Below (14 March 1965)
Stand by for Action (21 March 1965)
Pink Ice (28 March 1965)
The Disappearing Ships (4 April 1965)
Secret of the Giant Oyster (11 April 1965)
The Invaders (18 April 1965)
A Nut for Marineville (25 April 1965)
Count Down (9 May 1965)
Trapped in the Depths (2 May 1965)
Sea of Oil (16 May 1965)
Plant of Doom (23 May 1965)
The Master Plan (30 May 1965)
The Golden Sea (6 June 1965)
Hostages of the Deep (13 June 1965)
Marineville Traitor (20 June 1965)
Aquanaut of the Year (27 June 1965)



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