Star Maidens (1976)

UK, West Germany, 1 September -1 December 1976
1 series, 13 episodes, average 25m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British/West German science fiction television episode created by Ian Stuart Black from an idea by Jost Graf von Hardenberg.


On the planet Medusa, a futuristic society is rued over by women and men are treated as slaves. The planet has been knocked out of its orbit by a comet and has drifted into the Solar System where two of the men flee to Earth.


Escape to Paradise (1 September 1976)
Nemesis (8 September 1976)
Nightmare Cannon (15 September 1976)
The Proton Storm (22 September 1976)
Kidnap (29 September 1976)
The Trial (6 October 1976)
Test for Love (13 October 1976)
The Perfect Couple (20 October 1976)
What Have They Done to the Rain? (27 October 1976)
The End of Time (3 November 1976)
Hideout (17 November 1976)
Creatures of the Mind (24 November 1976)
The Enemy (1 December 1976)

Alternative Titles

Les filles du ciel – French Canadian title
Die Mädchen aus dem Weltraum – West German title
Medusa – Italian title
As Mulheres do Espaço – Portuguese title
Space Attack – Begegnung zwischen den Sternen – West German video title
Uzayin Melekleri – Turkish title

Extracts included in
70s: The Best of Bad TV (2015)



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