Stamp Day for Superman (1954)

USA, 1954
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Thomas Carr. The film was intended to be shown in schools on behalf of the United States Department of the Treasury to help promote its Savings Bonds.

Plot Summary

Lois and Clark stumble upon a robbery while out shopping and Superman catches the thief. He learns that the robber is having to steal because he never bothered to save his money and tells him about US Savings Bonds.


Directed by: Thomas Carr
Produced by: Whitney Ellsworth
Based on characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Director of Photography: Harold E. Stine
Editor: Harry W. Gerstad

George Reeves (Clark Kent/Superman)
Noel Neill (Lois Lane)
Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen)
Tris Coffin (Principal Garwood)
Billy Nelson (Blinky)

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