Spring-Heeled Jack (The Terror of Epping Forest) (1950)

UK, 16 January
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television play.

Plot Summary

A live television broadcast of the play from the Theatre Royal, Stratford in the East End of London.


Presented for Television by: Peter Dimmock
The Play Produced by: Tod Slaughter
Musical Arrangements by: Mistress Cynthia Dell, Mistress Araminta Ravensgrave

Tod Slaughter (Philip Wraydon)
Diana Beaumont (Madeleine)
Hugh Cross (Captain Bertram Wraydon)
Peter Collingwood (Denis Stocks)
Michael Ingham (Colonel Manfred)
James Raglan (Squire Sedgefield)
Alec Finter (Toby Widgon)
Martyn Williams (George Heeningham)
Barry O'Neill (Jake Freezer)
Lionel Gadsden (Jem Batch)
Allan Maxwell (John Rickers)
Bernard Clifton (George Wraydon)
Gabriel Toyne (Monsieur Se Grande)
Elenna Fraser (Helen Sedgefield)
Joanna Duncan (Rose Wraydon)
Gabrielle Muir (Alice)
Hilda Barry (Mrs Crisp)



  • Radio Times vol.106 no.1370 (15-21 January 1950) pp.41; 42 – article (The hero is a clock by Lionel Hale); illustrated credits