Split (1974)

55m, 4950 feet/1509 metres
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British science fiction short directed by Roger Lambert.

Plot Summary

Mark believes that he has been possessed by an alien named Split. Sent to a psychiatrist and unable to persuade anyone of Split's existence, Mark is persuaded to travel with the alien to his home planet.


Director: Roger Lambert
Cherwell Films, Southern Arts
Producer: Dave Sellars
Script: Roger Lambert
Based on the novel ‘Chocky' by: John Wyndham
Photography: Terry Cheney
Additional Photography: Steve Wagstaff
Editor: Roger Lambert
Sound Recordist: Colin James
Sound Re-recordist: David Skilton
Graphics: Bill Trubridge

Mark Draisey (Mark)
Steve Reader (David Browning)
Madeleine Aitken (Mark's mother)
Ron Creber (psychiatrist)
Tim McGill (Colin)
David Thomas (headmaster)
Harry Dickinson (Uncle Barry)
Jack Foster (shop manager)
Peter Bridges (railway official)



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