Splash (1984)

USA, 1984
111 mins
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo

An American fantasy film directed by Ron Howard

Plot Summary

Businessman Allen Bauer meets what he thinks is the woman of his dreams, Madison. But she turns out to be a mermaid that he first met as a child and who is now being hunted by an obsessed scientist.


Directed by: Ron Howard
© MCMLXXXIV [1984] Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc
A Brian Grazer production of a Ron Howard film
Executive Producer: John Thomas Lenox
Produced by: Brian Grazer
Screenplay by: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Bruce Jay Friedman
Based on a Story by: Brian Grazer
Screen Story by: Bruce Jay Friedman
Director of Photography: Don Peterman
Underwater Director of Photography (Bahamas Unit): Jordan Klein
Editors: Daniel P. Hanley, Michael Hill
Music by: Lee Holdridge
Sound Mixer: Richard S. Church
Costume Designer: May Routh
Make-up Supervisor: Robert J. Schiffer
Hair Stylist (Los Angeles Unit): Carol Pershing
Hair Stylist (New York Unit): Judi Goodman
Special Effects Supervisor (Los Angeles Unit): Roland Tantin
Special Mechanical Effects (Los Angeles Unit): Hans Metz
Mermaid Design and Construction: Robert Short
Special Visual Effects Supervisor: Mitch Suskin
Special Photography Effects Supervisor: Philip Meador
Production Designer: Jack T. Collis
Swimming Choreographer: Michael Nomad
Casting: Bill Shepard
Filmed on location in New York City, Los Angeles, California, Nassau, the Bahamas

Tom Hanks (Allen Bauer)
Daryl Hannah (Madison)
Eugene Levy (Walter Kornbluth)
John Candy (Freddie Bauer)
Dody Goodman (Mrs Stimler)
Shecky Greene (Mr Buyrite)
Richard B. Shull (Dr Ross)
Bobby Di Cicco (Jerry)
Howard Morris (Dr Zidell)
Tony Di Benedetto (Tim, the doorman)
Patrick Cronin (Michaelson)
Charles Walker (Michaelson’s partner)
David Knell (Claude)
Jeff Doucette (Junior)
Royce D. Applegate (Buckwalter)
Tony Longo (Augie)
Nora Denny (Ms Stein)
Charles Macaulay (the president)
Ronald F. Hoiseck (Dr Johannsen)
Lou Tiano (bartender)

Alternative Titles

1, 2, 3… Splash – Spanish title
Csobbanás – Hungarian title
Deniz Kızı – Turkish title
I gorgona – Greek title
A nagy csobbanás – Hungarian title
Plons – Dutch title
Plusk – Polish title
Purslai – Lithuanian title
Sirena indragostita – Romanian title
Splash – Eine Jungfrau am Haken – German title
Splash – Una sirena a Manhattan – Italian title
Splash, a Sereia – Portuguese title
Splash, la sirena – Mexican title
Splash: Jungfrau am Haken – Austrian, German title
Splash: Uma Sereia em Minha Vida – Brazilian title
Un, dos, tres… Splash – Spanish title
Žblnk – Slovak Czechoslovakian title
Žblnk – Slovakian title
Zblunk! – Czechian title
Žbluňk! – Czech Czechoslovakia title
Η γοργόνα – Greek title
Всплеск – Russian title
Плясък – Bulgarian title
Сирена – Serbian title
Сплеск – Ukrainian title
スプラッシュ – Japanese title
美人魚 – Taiwanese title

Splash, Too (1988)

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