Spawn of the Slithis (1978)

USA, 1977
35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Stephen Traxler. Production began on 24 January 1977 and the film was released in July .

Plot Summary

A nuclear accident releases toxic sludge which creates mutant Slithis. The creature promptly goes on the rampage through the Venice Beach area of .


Directed by: Stephen Traxler
© 1977 by Fabrax Films
A Fabrax Films production
Executive Producer: Dick Davis
Produced by: Paul Fabian and Stephen Traxler
Written by: Stephen Traxler
Director of Cinematography: Robert Caramico
Edited by: Robert M. Ross
Music by: Steve Zuckerman
Sound Mixer: Craig Felburg
Wardrobe and Make Up: Penny Gottlieb
Art Director: Catherine Deeter

Alan Blanchard [Wayne Connors]
J.C. Claire [Dr John]
Dennis Lee Falt [Dr Erin Burick]
Mello Alexandria [Chris Alexander]
Win Condict [the monster]
Rocky Fumarelli [Preston]
John Hatfield [Bunky]
Hy Pyke [Jack Dunn]
Daphne Cohen [Helen Dunn]
Steven J. Hoag [Doug]
Wendy Rastattar [Jennifer]
Don Cummins [Rex]
David Ridenour [policeman at house]
Dave Carlton [drunk #1]
Dale Caldwell [drunk #2]
Ken Stimson [drunk #3]
Gregory Clemmons [Chris' uncle]
Ed Fournier [kid throwing frisbee #1]
Prudie Butler [kid throwing frisbee #2]
Jack Kelly [voice of radio announcer]
Judy Motulsky [Jeff Connors – uncredited]

Alternative Titles


Extracts included in
The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)


Boxoffice magazine 1Boxoffice 18 December 1978 p.167 was surprisingly kind to the film, noting that it had “all the necessary ingredients of an action and fantasy film” and that while “it offers nothing innovative in its approach, it presents the standard formula of the genre with interest and suspense”



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