Spasms (1983)

Canada, 1981
87m (USA – video), 89m (UK – video), 90m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A Canadian horror film directed by William Fruet.

Plot Summary

On a remote tropical island, a giant snake is captured by explorers. The beast, which appears to be psychic and a deity to the locals, is taken to the United States for examination but escapes and starts killing everyone who crosses its path.


Directed by: William Fruet
Cinequity Corporation & Martin Erlichman present a film produced with the participation of the Canadian Film Development Corporation and Famous Players Limited
Executive Producers: Martin Erlichman, John G. Pozhke, Maurice Smith
Produced by: John G. Pozhke, Maurice Smith
Co-produced by: John Newton & Gordon Robinson
Screenplay by: Don Enright
Based on the Novel [Death Bite] by: Michael Maryk & Brent Monahan
Director of Photography: Mark Irwin
Editor: Ralph Brunjes
Original Score Composed & Conducted by: Eric N. Robertson
Location Sound Mixer: Stuart French
Wardrobe Designer: Gina Kiellerman
Key Make Up: Bandi Duncan
Hair: Barbara Alexander
Make Up Illusions: Dick Smith, Carl Fullerton, Stephan Dupuis
Designer and Producer: Raymond A. Mendez
Mechanical Effects: Lewis Gluck
Special Effects Director: Brian Warner
Art Director: Gavin Mitchell
Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peter Fonda (Dr Tom Brasilian)
Oliver Reed (Jason Kincaid)
Kerrie Keane (Suzanne Cavadon)
Al Waxman as [Warren] Crowley
Miguel Fernandez (Mendes)
Marilyn Lightstone (Dr Claire Rothman)
Angus MacInnes (Duncan Tyrone)
Laurie Brown (Allison)
Gerard Parkes (Captain Novack)
William Needles (Dean Franklin)
Denis Simpson (abo shaman/choreographer)
Patrick Brymer (sailor/agent)
George Bloomfield (Reverend [Thomas] Thanner)
Al Maini (abo interpreter)
Denise Fergusson (psycho patient)
John Bayliss (chauffeur)
Barry Flatman (reporter)
David Bolt (customs officer)
Les Rubie (janitor)
Walker Boone (Sgt Brody)

Alternative Titles

Avanaida – Todesbiss der Satansviper – German title
Death Bite – early title
Hiljainen kostaja – Finnish title
Spasmes – French title



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