Spaceflight IC-1: An Adventure in Space (1965)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Bernard Knowles.

Plot Summary

A spaceship is sent to begin the colonization of the newly discovered planet Earth 2. En route, a mutiny breaks out.


Director: Bernard Knowles
Lippert Films Ltd
Producers: Robert L. Lippert, Jack Parsons
Production Manager: Clifton Brandon
Script: Harry Spalding
Assistant Director: Gordon Gilbert
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Camera Operator: Len Harris
Editors: Colin Miller, Robert Winter
Music: Elisabeth Lutyens
Musical Director: Philip Martell
Sound: Jock May
Sound Engineer: Clive Smith
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jean Fairlie
Make-up: Harold Fletcher
Hair: Pearl Tipaldi
Production Designer: Harry White
Art Director: Harry White
Production Secretary: Angela Cockill

Bill Williams (Captain Mead Ralston)
Kathleen Breck (Kate Saunders)
John Cairney (Dr Steven Thomas)
Donald Churchill (Carl Wolcott)
Jeremy Longhurst (Chief Engineer John Saunders)
Linda Marlowe (Dr Helen Thomas)
Margo Mayne (Joyce Wolcott)
Norma West (Jan Ralston)
Tony Doonan (Dr Griffith)
Andrew Downie (Captain Burnett)
John Lee (Dr Garth)
Chuck Julian (Webster)
Max Kirby (Ho Ho the Clown)
Mark Lester (Don Saunders)
Stuart Middleton (Michael Thomas)
Anthony Honour (Robert Wolcott)



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