Space Men (1960)

mono, Italian

An Italian science fiction film directed by Antonio Margheriti. On Italian prints he's credited as Anthony Daisies and on English language prints he's credited as Anthony Dawson.

Plot Summary

21st century journalist Ray Peterson is assigned to cover events aboard a space station where he rubs the Commander up the wrong way. Meanwhile, runaway spaceship Alpha Two is returning to Earth with damaged photon generators that are emitting enough heat to destroy the Earth. Peterson has to try to find a way to board the ship and switch off the generators before the ship reaches Earth.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Anthony Daisies [real name: Antonio Margheriti. Credited as Anthony Dawson on US prints]
Titanus presents. Fred Gebhardt presents [US version]. A Titanus film. Produced by Ultra Film. A Four Crown project [US version]
Executive Producer: Hugo Grimaldi [US version]
Screenplay and Story: Vassilji Petrov [real name: Ennio De Concini]
Narration Written by: Jack Wallace [US version]
Director of Photography: Marcello Masciocchi
Editor: Sir. Andrews
Eastmancolor by Tecnostampa
Musical Score bby: J.K. Broady, directed by the composer
Music Supervisor: Gordon Zahler [US version]
Music Editor: Ted Roberts [US version]
Sound Effects Editor: Josef von Stroheim [US version]
Sound Synchronisation Studios: Titanus
Sound: Ryder Sound Service, Inc. [US version]
Sound System: Westrex Recording System
Special Effects: Caesar Peace

Rik Van Nutter (Ray Peterson)
Gaby Farinon [real name: Gabriella Farinon] (Lucy (Y13))
David Montresor (Gino/George)
Archie Savage (Al)
Alain Dijon (the commander)
Frank Fantasia [real name: Franco Fantasia]
David Maran
Jose Nestor [real name: José Néstor]
Joe Pollini
Anita Todesco
Aldo Pini *

Alternative Titles

Assignment Outer Space



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