Southern Shockers (1985)

videotape, colour

An American horror film directed by David Coleman.

Plot Summary

Three men visit a church where a preacher predicts their grisly deaths in three stories. “RX”: a doctor arrives in a small town and finds that he has mystical healing powers and that they come at a cost. “”: a moonshiner sells some poisoned booze to the locals and they transform into . “King of the Road”: a driver is pursued by a scythe-wielding demon driving a hearse.


Directed by: David Coleman
Producers: Mike Gordon, David Hopper
Director of Photography: Doug Moore
Editor: Ken Saunders
Music: Ron Evans, Mike Hampton
Make-up: Chris Witherspoon
Special Effects: Chris Witherspoon
Locations: West Point, Mississippi

Eric Shusterman
Mike Gordon
Robert Harrell
Tom Hatcher
Tammy King
John Sorrels
Thomas Shinn
Ken Sanders
Ronald Demerit
Don Smith
Jerry Sanders
Lyndon Love
Anna Wilson
April Fleming
Greg Jeffries
Andrew Stewart
Vicki Stevens
Greg Stroud
Randy Morris (dead man)

Alternative Titles

El espiritu del zombie – Spanish title



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