Sôtô no satsujinki (1959)

Japan, USA, 1959
35mm film, black and white, colourised version available, 1.66:1
Sound by RCA, recording system: Aoi Studio, English, Japanese

A Japanese/American science fiction horror film directed by George Breakston and Kenneth G. Crane.

Plot Summary

An American reporter in Japan is meets a Japanese scientist who has developed a technique for transforming people into two-headed monsters – and the journalist is to be his next victim.


Directed by: George Breakston, Kenneth G. Crane
William Shelton presents. A Lopert Pictures Corp. release
© United Artists of Japan, Inc. [no date given]
© MMXX Lewis Schoenbrun [re-copyrighted for colourised version]
Produced by: George Breakston
Associate Producer: Robert Perkins
Screenplay by: Walt Sheldon
From an Original Story by: George Breakston
Director of Photography: David Mason
Supervising Editor: Kenneth Crane
Music Composed by: Hirooki Ogawa
Recording Supervisor: Chisato Ota
Wardrobe: Kazuko Suzuki
Makeup: Fumiko Yamamoto
Special Effects: Shinpei Takagi
Art Director: Noboru Miyakuni

Peter Dyneley (Larry Stanford)
Jane Hylton (Linda Stanford)
Satoshi Nakamura (Dr Suzuki)
Terri Zimmern (Tara)
Van Hawley (Ian Matthews)
Jerry Ito (Supt. Aida)
Toyoko Takechi (Emiko)
Kenzo Kuroki
Alan Tarlton (Jennsen)
Shinpei Takagi
George Wyman

Alternative Titles

Doktor Satan – Greece
La fuga del monstruo – Mexico
Kaksipäinen paholainen – Finland
The Manster – USA
The Manster – Halber Mann-halbes Monster – Germany
The Manster – Halber Mensch, Halbes Monster – Germany
Das Monster von Tokio – Germany
Monstret med två huvuden – Finland (Swedish)
El monstruo de dos cabezas – Spain
Nightmare – working title
Die Spalte – Germany (television)
The Split
– UK
The Two Headed Monster
– working title
– Russia
– Japan

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