Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama (1987)

USA, 1987
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by David DeCoteau.

Plot Summary

Three frat boys, a burglar and two sorority pledges break into a bowling lane to steal a trophy. But the trophy houses a malicious imp that is soon free and picking off the intruders one-by-one.


Directed by: David DeCoteau
© MCMLXXXVII [1987] Titan Productions
Urban Classics presents a Titan production
Executive Producers:
Produced by: David DeCoteau & John Schouweiler
Associate Producer: Thomas Keith
Written by: Sergei Hasenecz
Photographed by: Stephen Ashley Blake
Edited by: Barry Zetlin, Tom Meshelski
Music Composed by: Guy Moon
Sound Mixer: Marty Kasparian
Make-up & Hair: Thomas Wayne Schwartz, Ralph Rubalcava, Elizabeth Valenzuela
Special Makeup & Effects: Craig Caton
Special Make-up and Creature Effects by: Craig Caton
Production Designer: Royce Mathew

Linnea Quigley (Spider)
Andras Jones (Calvin)
Robin Rochelle (Babs)
Hal Havins (Jimmie)
Brinke Stevens (Taffy)
Michelle McClellan [real name: Michelle Bauer] (Lisa)
Kathi Obrecht (Rhonda)
Carla Baron (Frankie)
John Stuart Wildman (Keith)
C.D. LaFleur [real name: Buck Flowers]
Dukey Flyswatter ([voice of] the imp)

Alternative Titles

Beast You! – West Germany
Chicas de fraternidad en la bolera – Spain
Dziewczecy klub – Poland
Dziewczyna z zenskiego kola studenckiego w Klegoramie Oslizglej – Poland
Imp – O Invasor do Espaço – Brazil
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama – France
Tekés csajok pokoli bulija – Hungary (video)
A tekés lányok pokoli bulija – Hungary
The Imp – UK (video)
Tragica notte al bowling – Italy
Студентки в кегельбане беса – Russia

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